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Structure Editing
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

Structure editing

Hot runner system is generally composed of hot nozzles, manifolds, temperature control boxes and accessories. Hot nozzles generally include two types: open hot nozzles and needle valve hot nozzles. As the hot nozzle form directly determines the hot runner system selection and mold manufacturing, and thus often corresponding to the hot runner system is divided into Cold/Hot Runner System Mould Hot nozzle form

open hot runner system and needle valve hot runner system. The manifold is used in a multi-cavity or multi-point feed, single point feed but level offset. Materials are usually P20 or H13. Split plate is generally divided into standard and non-standard two categories, its structure mainly by the cavity in the mold on the distribution of the nozzle arrangement and the location of the gate to decide. Temperature control box, including host, cable, connector and wiring male and female sockets. Hot runner accessories usually include: heaters and thermocouples, flow channel seals, connectors and junction boxes.

Classification editor

In general, the hot runner system is divided into single head hot runner system, long hot runner system and valve gate hot runner system. Single-head hot runner system consists of a single nozzle, nozzle head, nozzle connection plate, temperature control system and other components. Single head hot runner system Plastic mold structure is relatively simple. The molten state of the plastic from the injection molding machine into the nozzle connection plate, the nozzle to reach the nozzle head, into the cavity. It is necessary to control the dimensions d, D, L and by adjusting the thickness dimension of the nozzle connecting plate so that the die fixing plate presses the end face of the nozzle connecting plate, controls the axial displacement of the nozzle, or directly engages the nozzle connecting plate with the injection nozzle Face, but also to achieve the same purpose. A lead slot is provided at a suitable position on the stationary plate so that the power cord is led out of the mold and connected to the terminal block mounted on the mold.

Multi-head hot runner system Plastic mold structure is more complex. The molten plastic is injected into the nozzle connection plate by the injection molding machine, flows through the nozzle to the nozzle head and then into the cavity. Hot runner system of the nozzle and the template has a radial size D with the requirements and axial size limit requirements. Nozzle head and die with a radial size d with the requirements to ensure that the molten state of the plastic does not overflow to the non-cavity parts, and require the hardness of the mold set hardened about 50HRC. The distance L between the parting surface and the axial positioning surface of the hot nozzle must be strictly controlled, which should be determined by the actual distance L 'of the nozzle at room temperature and the actual extension ΔL of the nozzle at the normal working temperature of the mold. In order to ensure that the nozzle and the hot runner plate are reliable, the hot runner plate is not deformed and an adjustment pad is provided above the top of the nozzle. The adjustment pad, together with the axial positioning surface of the nozzle itself, limits the movement of the nozzle in the axial direction, And effectively controls the possible deformation of the hot runner plate. At room temperature, adjust the pad and the hot runner plate and fixed mold plate between the control 0.025mm gap so that the mold heated, the working temperature state when the adjustment pad just compact. The locating seat and the locating pin of the hot runner system together control the position of the hot runner plate in the mold. Positioning seat and the fixed plate with radial size D2 with the requirements, and the depth h must be controlled accurately, positioning the seat of the axial role of supporting the hot runner plate, directly to the injection machine injection pressure. Locating pin and hot runner plate fixing plate with the requirements. There should be enough clearance between the hot runner and the template to wrap the insulation. The hot runner plate and the mounting plate must be provided with sufficient wiring slots to allow the power cord to be led out of the mold and connected to the terminal block mounted on the mold. There is a radial dimension D1 between the nozzle connecting plate and the fixed mold fixing plate so that the injection head of the injection molding machine cooperates well with the nozzle connecting plate on the mold. In the vicinity of the hot runner plate, will set the template, hot runner plate fixed plate, fixed fixed plate with screws connected to enhance the rigidity of the hot runner board.

Valve gate hot runner system Plastic mold structure is the most complex. It has the same structure as the ordinary long hot runner system plastic mold, and also has a set of valve needle drive to control the opening and closing movement of the valve needle. The transmission device is equivalent to a hydraulic cylinder, the use of injection device hydraulic device and die connected to form a hydraulic circuit to achieve the valve needle opening and closing movement, control the molten state of plastic injection cavity.