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Solution to PET grate warpage, for Innovive, US
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Jan 11, 2017

PET material is foul plastic, easily whitened around injecting point, key element to PET mould tooling is design of injection gate, our team has more than 10years experience of PET injection moulding , whitening problem is now in control, recently,another problem happened with too density of holes grate, warpage is easily generated during parts are cooled down and unevenly shrunk,solution: stack grates one by one horizontally instead of vertically,3pile-ups as one shift of workstation, i.e, packing process is started only when 3pile-ups are ready, the first pile-up is cooled down enough and start to be packed, in this way, warpage problem is eliminated, we got compliant from our biggest client ,Innovive US, now problem is gone, this is our brainstormed result.