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Silicone/Rubber Parts Surface Treatment Technology
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Aug 16, 2017

Silicone/Rubber Parts Surface treatment technology

Corona treatment in rubber products is a kind of material surface treatment technology. Compared with the surface treatment technology of metal materials, rubber surface treatment technology is too small, mostly concentrated in foreign countries.

Corona treatment: mainly used for plastic, aluminum foil, paper and other materials, film surface treatment. When the equipment is running, corona discharge occurs between the electrodes, a large number of ions bombard the surface of the material and enter the internal structure of the material, so that the surface of the material molecules polarize, so as to remove the surface dust, oil, improve the surface tension, Sticky prison, greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, has now become a film, printing, coating, composite and other industries necessary pre-treatment.

Corona treatment of rubber is corona treatment after the rubber, commonly used in the manufacture of rubber.

Silicone rubber products are widely used to prove its versatility, creativity and innovation, the source of silicone rubber to provide high-quality silicone rubber products.

At home, the silicone rubber pan helps the biscuit to slip smoothly out of the baking tray. Outdoors, silicone rubber helps to reliably implement point-to-point power transmission. In the office and on the road, silicone rubber helps the computer and smart phone keyboard to withstand day-to-day continuous use. Its flexibility can be used for a wide range of temperatures, excellent insulation properties and durability are just a few examples of standard silicone rubber used in our daily lives.

There is no significant difference between consumers of high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (HCR) based adhesives, HCR mixtures, and liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) for these major types of silicone rubber. However, for the products business, there is a world of difference.

In practical applications, uncured rubbers are extruded to form products of uniform size and shape, such as cables and hoses, which are preferred because they retain their original shape when cured. In general, LSR is more suitable for finished product design, the need for precision molds "rubber applications and processing technology requirements are different, which allows manufacturers to choose the right product in the face of a major challenge," Jorgensen added, "to provide standards for products manufacturers Of silicone rubber products, they no longer need to worry about unnecessary costs, complex customization.

In order to meet the growing customer demand, the source of silicone rubber products company to develop new products, can be applied to such as cable, gaskets, seals and keyboard. This series of LSR rheological better, more easily into the mold, the longer use of mixed products for the product before the product is cured to provide more adequate operating time.