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Silicone/Rubber Parts It Can Be Divided
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Silicone/Rubber Parts It can be divided

Generally speaking, "silicone rubber products," the term is actually a silicone rubber products and rubber products, chemical combination, but if you let us say silicone products and rubber products, the product is not a lot of people who are not silicone rubber industry is not very understanding, Take advantage of everyone to understand the difference between silicone products and rubber products.

Rubber products, rubber products it can be divided into synthetic rubber and natural rubber, natural rubber structure is isoprene polymer, it is obtained through the rubber plant latex for processing and production produced, and Synthetic silicone products are made by polymerization or polycondensation of the monomer, the synthetic rubber under the action of external deformation, with a rapid ability to restore the original shape, because he is a good physical properties, the world's rubber products are car tires , Rubber products, rubber products in the toughness, wear resistance, dielectric, corrosion resistance are better than the rubber products, rubber products, rubber products, Silicone products, so in the large machine above, industrial equipment, automotive transport equipment are often used rubber products.

Silicone products from the chemical point of view is a one-component room temperature vulcanization of liquid rubber products, it is already silicone as raw material of elastomer material, compared to rubber products, now a lot of life products used in silicone products are replaced Rubber products, because the first silicone products are not toxic, and rubber products are toxic, while silica gel products colorless and tasteless, and environmental protection, but I know very soft, but the rubber products are odor, colored, polluting the environment, in terms of price, rubber Products compared to silicone products is very cheap. At this stage the scope of application of silicone products is very light, people eat and live are involved.

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Silicone lid Product Features:

1, a variety of color options, colorful, can be customized shape, cover and cover are separately made and assembled together,

You can make any DIY DIY style.

2, strong adsorption, unique soft silicone material can be any adsorption of any level of glass, ceramic or

Stainless steel cup mouth; can use the air pressure to lift the whole cup.

3, low-carbon environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, soft, non-slip, shock, water seepage,

Not easy to aging, easy to fade, easy to clean.