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Silicone Parts Widely Used
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

Silicone Parts Widely used

Silicone rubber industry should initially be said that with the development of the transport industry, in the transportation industry, especially rubber products such as: rubber tires, rubber sheet, rubber tube, rubber belt, rubber seal, rubber shock absorbers, etc. These are the largest in transportation. With the rapid development of the automotive industry, shock absorber rubber and foam silicone products, these two types of demand will rise sharply.

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The application of silicone rubber products in industrial manufacturing

In the industrial manufacturing industry, silicone rubber can be said to be common, such as: industrial silicone tube, rubber roller, rubber, gaskets, etc. These are essential products, in industrial manufacturing play a sealed, anti-corrosion , Waterproof, insulation, shock, transmission and other vital role. In addition to the silicone rubber products used in the automotive industry described above, a large number of rubber gaskets are used in the steel industry, which are the role of shock and shock absorption; in the chemical industry, rubber corrosion Chemical stability of the key play a key role in the paper, textile, printing and dyeing printing industry, such as the application of the roller is very wide, and the amount is also quite large. Application of Silicone Rubber Products in Military Defense

May refer to the "military defense" the word will be shocking, in fact, in the national strategic material, silicone rubber is in there. The reason is that aircraft, tanks, radar, guns and other military weapons and equipment need a lot of silicone rubber products, a plane used rubber products and a tank of rubber may be used in about 1500 kilograms! Aircraft, High temperature and low temperature of the special rubber products; military radar used above the conductive shielding rubber products, amphibious warships, transport warships, gas masks, radiators, diving suits, etc. These are required to support the operation of silicone rubber products.

In addition to the above applications, silicone rubber products are also in the electronic appliances, household kitchen utensils, medical industry, agricultural aquaculture and other industries is also very wide, detailed understanding of the specific click on the red font to understand. In short, silicone rubber products in the industry is ubiquitous, the application of the wide, the role of the necessary social development of the product. Custom silicone rubber products directly contact the rubber, specializing in the production and processing of silicone rubber products for nearly a decade, it is worth a try! People are usually black outside the colored silica gel as a color silica gel. Presented as a transparent silicone products, according to its transparent state known as transparent or translucent silicone products. As a silicone products manufacturers, the silicone products to give the beautiful color and a certain degree of transparency, the main function or purpose is to give users the feeling of beauty, so as to meet the growing user's material and cultural needs; in order to develop product sales, occupation market.