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Silicone Parts The Color Difference Is Usually
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Silicone Parts The color difference is usually

The Adjustment Method of Color Difference of Silicone

 Although most people say that the color is so shallow, the color is usually not enough concentration, the concentration is too high, reddish, partial green, partial yellow, blue, deep, shallow and so on. So how to quickly and accurately call out the desired color?

Gray: white - plus black, partial black - plus white, reddish - plus green, yellow - plus blue, blue - green;

Green: add yellow or blue, plus blue, plus yellow, partial Yan - plus red or black, dark - reduce the concentration and minimize the amount of green color paste;

Red and yellow, plus white or blue, bluish blue - plus red or yellow, partial brilliant + black, dark - reduce the concentration and minimize the amount of red color paste;

Blue: blue - plus yellow or red, reddish - plus green or yellow, yellow - plus blue or white;

Yellowing: reddish - plus yellow or white, yellowish - plus red or white; partial Yan - black;

Tone purple: blue - plus red, reddish - plus blue;

Orange: reddish - plus yellow, yellow - plus red;

Silicone products in the production, many people will color box color confused, that is the same, in fact, is the color palette color division two concepts, color refers to the original color basis is transferred to the target color closest to the color, And color refers to the color of the target color according to the composition, according to the proportion of masterbatch to adjust to achieve the closest target color, with the record after the formula for the next use.

Silicone products in the production of color is very important in the production, for the color and color work, require the operator to have a keen color resolution and rich operational experience. The whole process of coloring to follow the principle from shallow to deep, and the color of the process of a variety of masterbatch to be flexible use, must not be rote recipe, resulting in waste of resources, affecting the production.

Silicone products produce white foam is what reason?

Silicone products in various industries widely used, making the development of silicone industry increasingly prosperous, more and more people living in the use of silicone products, visible silicone products by many consumers of all ages, we should do silicone products as a silicone product quality, So what about the reasons for the emergence of white foam in silicone products?