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Silicone Parts Forming The Process
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Aug 16, 2017

Silicone Parts Forming the process

Silicone products are made of silicone mold in the curing machine inside the high temperature molding, the general temperature of about 180 --- 230 degrees, in the molding process, mainly vulcanization reaction, while the silicone mold is also a special tool for the production of handicrafts, silicone Is characterized by high temperature, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, simulation fine high, is to do all kinds of crafts for the mold.

Customized silicone products are required to open the mold, the choice of mold form and the choice of mold line is very important, there are three points:

One is to take the mold convenient,

Second, the mold line should be selected without affecting the overall effect of the product,

Three, is not affect the quality of products, such as some miscellaneous pieces of silicone, especially now is some of the daily necessities of silicone.

Different structures lead to different lines, and some products together according to the appearance of the product to choose the best location to open, so that the silicone products not only conducive to the production, the appearance is also very beautiful. There is also because of too high, resulting in a waste of rubber, and ultimately increase the cost of production in the above. Thereby reducing profits. Mold set up, followed by an important step in the sandblasting, sandblasting this process, not every set of molds are to step by step to do, a little mold does not need such a tool, the specific details of the future for everyone Answer. And then is the formula will be the color of the silicone tune.

Silicone should be arranged in the irregular direction of mixing, and now most of the factories using large-scale Lianjiao machine, such a mixing machine operation effort, and refining speed, not because of the delay caused by the rubber exposed to the air So that oxidation, and finally is to make the curing agent and silica gel fully mixed.

When the batch of products need to adjust the color when the glue is the most important part of the color contrast are starting from here, a lot of the product color difference is very large, the main problem is almost all appear here, rubber Density and time in the air will lead to changes in the overall color.