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Silicone Parts Features Of Silicone Accessories
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Silicone Parts Features of silicone accessories

Features of silicone accessories

The first point: high temperature

Applicable temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in microwave ovens and ovens, so some lunch boxes and bowls are made of silicone.

Second point: easy to clean

Silica gel produced by the silicone products can be used in the water after the rinse can be restored, can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The third point: long life

Silicone chemical properties are very stable, made to make the product, compared with other materials have a longer life.

The fourth point: soft and comfortable

Thanks to the softness of silicone materials, cake mold products feel comfortable, very flexible, no deformation.

Fifth point: color and diverse

Can be based on the needs of customers, the deployment of a different beautiful color.Therefore the market there are many silicone handicrafts are very beautiful, very fashionable, as the stars and other people of the pro-Lai things.

Sixth point: environmental non-toxic

From raw materials into the finished product to the finished product shipments do not produce any toxic and hazardous substances.

Seventh point: electrical insulation performance

Silicone rubber has a high resistivity and its resistance remains stable over a wide temperature range and frequency range. At the same time silica gel for high-pressure corona discharge and arc discharge has a good resistance, such as high-voltage insulators, TV high-pressure caps, electrical parts and so on.

Eighth point: low temperature resistance

Ordinary rubber minimum temperature of the critical point of -20 degrees to -30 degrees, but silicone rubber in the -60 degrees to -70 degrees still have good flexibility, some special formula silicone rubber can withstand very low temperature, Such as low temperature seals and so on.

The ninth point: conductivity

When the addition of conductive filler (such as carbon black), the silicone rubber will have good electrical conductivity, such as keyboard conductive contact points, electric components, antistatic components, high voltage cable shielding, medical treatment conductive film. Mainly used for keys and so on.

Tenth point: weather resistance

Ordinary rubber in the corona discharge generated by the rapid degradation of ozone, and silicone rubber is not affected by ozone, and for a long time in the ultraviolet and other climatic conditions, its physical properties are only minor changes, such as outdoor use of sealing materials The

The eleventh point: thermal conductivity

When adding some thermal filler, silicone rubber will have good thermal conductivity, such as heat sink, thermal seal, copier, fax machine, such as thermal conductivity.