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Silicone Parts Features
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

Silicone Parts Features

First, the silicone hand ring Product brief

The earliest appearance of silicone jewelry is silicone bracelet. 2005 Silicone bracelet first appeared in the United States, and quickly became popular in a short time. The world's first silicone bracelet is yellow "LIVESTRONG" silicone bracelet, the reason why people wear this silicone bracelet, the main hope that their health, resistance to cancer.

 Second, Shengzhou silicone hand ring product features

Silicone bracelet with 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber pressed by the hydraulic press, the wrist band itself has a certain tension and softness, and thus easy to deformation and immediately restored; Silicone bracelet with wear resistance, high temperature, no deformation, no Toxic and tasteless, no side effects on the human body and other characteristics, at the same time with a soft, no cracking, long life and do not stimulate the skin and other advantages, is the real green jewelry.

 Third, Shengzhou silicone bracelet product culture

 Silicone bracelet more with a variety of organizational activities, branding, sports and other links together, a good design can convey very far-reaching significance. Can also be conducive to the company brand promotion

Fourth, Shengzhou silicone bracelet product production process

 ①: design of the design ②: open mold ③: color mixing glue ④: approved material ⑤: on the mold production ⑥: goods inspection ⑦: trimming ⑧: finished product inspection ⑨: packaging ⑩:

Shengzhou silicone bracelet can be printed LOGO, LOGO can be text, patterns or text and pattern can be combined with concave engraved, embossed, silk screen, carving color, Dijiao and other processes. All the style by you to set

  In the purchase of silicone bracelet when we need to pay attention to what? The following bracelet manufacturers to detail the introduction:

Silicone bracelet is a natural solid silicone rubber pressed by the hydraulic press, with wear resistance, high temperature, no deformation, non-toxic and tasteless, a certain tension and softness, deformation recovery soon, at the same time with soft, Long life and do not stimulate the skin, etc., is a good green jewelry. Now we have a lot of common bracelet, fabric, metal, silicone variety, so the bracelet in the market above is very popular, but how to identify the quality of a product in the silicone products industry, material identification in different forms , We can buy the silicone bracelet with the following points to identify!

1. smell the smell, you can cut a little bit of silica gel with fire, really silicone bracelet, burning edge for the white, burning residue for the powder. And false silicone bracelet after the edge of the fire is black, was burning fire, smoke black, with a stench.

2. Look at the product, look at the silicone products which are not clean things, or some deviation from the color to see if the box is complete writing, whether the printing error, whether the rules of the bracelet diameter, "thickness" is the same, whether the edge of the ring There is excess colloid. General high-quality silicone products will not have burrs or rough phenomenon, the surface is very smooth.

3. touch the product, a high-quality silicone product surface is very smooth, there will be no rough, then the main sense of the distinction between hand, high-quality silicone bracelet appearance, feel smooth and delicate, toughness, flexibility are very good, not easy External force and permanent deformation, but the fake silicone products are easy to deformation and not restore, because the fake silicone bracelet surface is not a layer of grease-like material, so it will be more rough. Second, if the plastic ring on the convex color of the word or LOGO, the letter or LOGO can be deducted, if the letter or LOGO have deduction phenomenon, then this product is likely to be false silicone products.