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Silicone Parts Excellent Weather Resistance
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Silicone Parts Excellent weather resistance

In daily life, we all know that silicone parts and our daily lives are closely linked, all walks of life have come into contact with, for example, we usually drink water cups, doors, table chairs, etc., in order to prevent scratches As well as sealing, etc., are the need for some soft texture to protect the goods, this time the use of silicone parts on the big, he can do the doors and windows of the seal, the food box of the ring, you can do some foam silicone parts As long as we used in life, we can do it, then the use of silicone parts products what advantage, the following for everyone to do a simple introduction!

Three characteristics of silicone rubber products:

First, high and low temperature resistance, at 200 ℃ can be long-term use, at -60 ℃ is still flexible;

Second, the electrical insulation properties, silicone rubber, excellent dielectric properties, especially at high temperatures, the dielectric properties of much higher than the general organic rubber, dielectric strength in the range of 20-200 ℃ almost free from temperature;

Third, excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation performance, long-term use in the outdoor does not occur cracking. It is generally believed that silicone rubber can be used outdoors for more than 20 years;

Four, excellent high temperature compression permanent deformation;

5, good processing performance, easy molding, etc., through the extrusion hot air vulcanization molding, mold plus molding, plus forming and other methods to produce a variety of products. As the silicone rubber products with excellent overall performance and good technical and economic effects, has been in the aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, automotive, machinery, metallurgy, chemical, medical and health, daily life in various fields to obtain a wide range application. The main use of silicone rubber products:

The use of silicone parts with a strong adsorption can quickly and effectively absorb the sealed package of water, chemical stability, non-toxic harmless characteristics; coupled with the recent continuous innovation and development, a variety of silicone parts have been used for a large number of drug purification, DNA separation , Food drying, high precision electronics, advanced cosmetics, sewage purification, beer purification, advanced coatings and resin production or preservation, with the development of industrial silicone parts are also made of various industrial protective equipment.

Silicone parts are often made of independent or other insulating materials made of various industrial protective equipment, such as silicone parts made of heat shrink sleeve, high temperature anti-corrosion self-adhesive tape, or silicone parts and glass fiber composite made of high temperature casing, special High temperature casing, high temperature resistant casing, high temperature resistant heat-resistant, double-layer high-temperature heat-resistant blanket, three-layer high-temperature heat-resistant blanket, double-layer glass fiber heat-resistant blanket, high temperature washers and other industries Protective equipment, silicone parts Manufactured goods are often used in: industrial plants exist high temperature, open flame, heat radiation, high temperature metal melt, water vapor, oil and other conditions of the wires, cables, hoses, tubing, large equipment, sensitive Equipment, equipment, instrumentation and other plant facilities, high-temperature safety protection, to ensure smooth operation of the plant safety, while saving energy consumption and reduce production costs.