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Plasitc Injection Mould Shorten The Parts Forming Cycle
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Aug 16, 2017

Plasitc Injection Mould Shorten the parts forming cycle

Hot runner mold in today's world industrial developed countries and regions have been very widely used. This is mainly hot runner mold has the following salient features:

1, shorten the parts molding cycle, improve production efficiency:

Because there is no main channel and secondary runner cooling time constraints, parts can be cured after the timely shape of the top. Many of the thin-walled product molding cycles produced with hot runner molds can be completed in 8 seconds.

2, save plastic raw materials

The traditional mold injection will produce water nozzle material, requiring high plastic products are not allowed to use water nozzle material (renewable secondary material), because the nozzle material re-use will make plastic molecular structure and performance degradation, and then will affect the product quality. Hot runner mold because there is no cold runner, so no water outlet material (food). This is particularly important for the application of expensive plastic products, the fact that the major international hot runner manufacturers in the world of oil and plastic raw materials in the era of high price has been rapid development, because the hot runner technology is to reduce the cost of materials, Cost, cost effective way.

3, to reduce bad products, improve product quality

In the hot runner mold forming process, the plastic melt temperature in the runner system to be accurately controlled. The plastic can be more uniform state into the cavity, the result is the same quality plastic parts. Hot runner forming plastic parts gate quality is good, after stripping residual stress is low, plastic parts deformation is small, injection products on the surface aesthetics greatly improved. So the market a lot of high-quality products are produced by the hot runner mold. Such as people familiar with the phone shell, mobile phone shell, printer case, computer, car in many plastic parts are produced with hot runner mold.

4, to eliminate follow-up process, is conducive to production automation.

Parts by the hot runner mold is finished after the finished product, without pruning gate and recovery processing cold plastic Road and other processes. Is conducive to production automation. Many foreign manufacturers have hot runner and automation together to significantly improve production efficiency.

5. Expand the application of injection molding process

Many advanced plastic molding processes are developed on the basis of hot runner technology. Such as PET preformed production, in the mold multi-color co-injection, a variety of materials co-injection process.