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Plasitc Injection Mould Molding
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Plasitc Injection Mould Molding

Injection mold is the product of the latest technology development, with the rapid development of society and the fierce competition on the market, a more comprehensive performance of the material --- liquid silicone (LSR) in recent years and rapid application. LSR molding process between the traditional plastic and solid silicone, it is not as plastic as the need to heat and then injected into the mold cavity, nor as solid-state silicone that can be directly on the mold cavity surface, so LSR requires its own unique mold --- injection mold.

        With the increasingly fierce competition in the traditional plastic silicone industry, and the current economic winter is becoming increasingly serious, more and more plastic factory and silicone factory will look to the forefront of this latest technology positions, have to ask the way or small test skill, but because The lack of technical experience of these Pathfinder enterprises, resulting in the current liquid silicone products industry quite a mixed bag, so many customers in the search for suppliers when the big headache or misery.

High-end injection mold, the requirements are very high, can not produce flash, can not have trapped defects, but also to achieve automated production, and these requirements for each injection molds are fatal, liquid silicone because of its injection Strong mobility, in a strong pressure, even if the gap will produce 0.01MM spill, but if the mold with too tight and will be serious difficulties, resulting in product defects. So how to strike a balance between the two, not the general mold engineers through several sets of mold test can be obtained, not with the cattle B machine can be achieved. Liquid silicone mold demoulding is also a big difficulty, he is not like plastic as a mold when easy to control in the post-mold, it will not be like a plastic pin with a thimble, sometimes seemingly simple product but can not Stripping when the mold to the mold, and make the mold of the product and prohibitive, so that manufacturers crazy sigh.

Silicone products factory is one of the earlier start-up companies in the LSR industry, as early as 2003, when the industry has just sprouted, this company has been keenly aware of this sensitive trend, with the early birth of this market Development, and by virtue of their engineers in the plastic and solid-state silica gel industry amphibious experience, with the official start in 2009 this market development, and they were related customers in Germany, reached a strategic cooperation, so the technology has been by leaps and bounds Development, can be said that both the traditional accumulation of technology, but also the world's latest technology genes.

        With the further development of the LSR product market, it is foreseeable that there will be more and more factories to join the camp, under the strong rise of China's manufacturing power, will lead many counterparts, together beyond Germany and Japan, leading the world.