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Plasitc Injection Mould Molded Class
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

Plasitc Injection Mould Molded class

Different silicone rubber molds use different types of release agents

A wide range of release agents, and all walks of life are also used a lot of release agent; that is more frequent in the silicone rubber industry, different silicone products, different structure, determines the mold is not the same, of course, to use a different release agent. To solve the problem of different silicone products stripping, give you a simple classification and solutions.

The first category: molded class. There are mold, the release agent sprayed on the mold, in general, the mold need to preheat, so the release agent for high temperature have certain requirements.

To solve this type of stripping method: DF-944-SM1. In addition, for non-rubber foam polyurethane products, or hard foam, soft foam and other products, but also has a special release agent: DF-932

The second category, shaped tube class. Such as automotive-type hose, and other unique shape, the tube is usually soaked in the release agent, and then set on a good core, after the vulcanization operation. Because the shape is unique, so the release agent requirements are very high, must have a good stripping performance, and the release agent itself can not have an impact on the tube, it should not remain on the inner wall of the tube.

Approach: the use of DF-919U, DF-495-A, can solve such problems. The third category, long straight tube class. Long straight tube mainly wire weaving, wire winding, hydraulic pipe, clip pipe and a series of rules of the shape of the tube. Generally, the release agent is sprayed onto the mandrel, which requires a good release performance and does not have an impact on the release agent, such as residual inner walls and difficult to clean.

Solution: DF-505-1 DF-1855 for rigid core and soft core design.

In summary, the release agent is a rubber products in the production of a ring, seemingly insignificant, but very important, is the so-called pull the whole body. Difficult to take off or not easy to bring products and production efficiency will be troubled. Therefore, the choice of quality and stability, the effect is excellent, and safe and environmentally friendly products is necessary basic silica gel base silica gel in addition to the traditional desiccant applications, in the petrochemical and other key areas have a good performance, but also extended to some emerging areas, so At present, the basic technology research and development of silicone is the focus of our enterprises, technical level compared with foreign companies no less. In recent years, the amount of basic silica gel exports continued to increase, the purchase of China's basic silica gel, part of the direct application, part of the processing into powder silica gel.

Micro-silica gel by the resources, the environment and the impact of national policies, in recent years, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea enterprises to focus on the development of the basic silica gel from the micro-silica gel, one silicone powder consumption less, the impact on the environment is small; Third, advanced technology, easy to confidential, occupation of high-end, help to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises in these countries are technically at the world's leading level, professional advantage is very obvious. For the production of micro-silica gel, China's enterprises have made efforts, but regardless of capital investment or technical level and Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries have a greater gap.