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Plasitc Injection Mould Mold Maintenance
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Plasitc Injection Mould Mold maintenance

Injection mold maintenance is not only good or bad die life, the production plan also has a significant impact, and even affect the final manufacturing costs.

Maintenance workers who are responsible for mold maintenance work must be careful and careful to operate, and to ensure that the mold is in the best condition, which is effective in production and economy, and reduces the manufacturing cost as much as possible. So how to improve the mold to do the maintenance work! Here and Xiaobian together to learn it!

First, maintenance instructions: injection mold maintenance, you need to check the parts in accordance with the drawings. Even if there is no special instructions, but also in the storage when the inspection; not allowed to modify the drawings do not meet the provisions of the mold parts size, can not be used to add pad or gasket, etc.; production orders after the completion of the mold maintenance , Must refer to the production department to provide the problem, the production department records and the final product; in the mold maintenance, such as the discovery of major problems, should immediately report to the higher authorities, and wait for instructions.

Second, the specific requirements of the injection mold maintenance: the replacement of mold parts, to confirm the quality of the parts will be qualified; parts of the demolition, assembly to tapping, slow pressure; mold inserts assembly, with the clearance to confirm qualified; No parts such as curling, scratches, pits, dross, defects, rust, etc.; if parts replacement, timely and mold design department to communicate and confirm, remove the mold before and after, pay attention to keep the various components pull pull balance; Parts must be replaced in time.

Finally, the daily maintenance of the injection mold must be carried out carefully and carefully to ensure that the mold is kept at its best.

 Reasonable and effective to reduce the processing cost of injection molds, can effectively improve the economic benefits of production, can effectively reduce the production costs of enterprises, is conducive to enterprise and product market competitiveness.

First of all, the rational use of injection mold

Before the production of products, carefully selected well-designed injection mold, is the most basic way to reduce costs. Different mold design structure of the material requirements of the product is not the same, naturally good and bad. Excellent mold yield is high, resulting in less waste, lower natural production costs.

Second, the use of reasonable processing technology

The same product, using different production and processing technology, the required raw materials and quantity are not the same. According to the characteristics of the product requirements, to meet the quality requirements of the premise, the use of improved processing technology can effectively reduce the cost of production.