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Plasitc Injection Mould Mold Industry Structure
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

Plasitc Injection Mould Mold industry structure

In recent years, the mold industry to adjust the pace of structural adjustment, mainly for large, sophisticated, complex, long life mold and mold standard parts development speed higher than the overall development rate of the industry; plastic mold and die-casting mold ratio; market-oriented professional mold Increased number and capacity of vendors. China's automobile mold company's future development direction, should focus on product structure adjustment and positioning, and further enhance the mold manufacturing technology, occupation structure complex, high precision, high technology high-end mold market.

 According to Yubo Zhicheng Market Research Center, with the deepening of reform and opening up policies, the relevant departments of the mold industry attention and support, coupled with the mold industry associations and other social organizations to promote and promote the mold industry in Zhejiang to get more For the rapid development of the mold market scale in the country ranked the top spear.

During the second five, the general trend of the mold market is smooth. At present, the domestic market demand for high-grade mold is very large, but requires domestic mold must be in quality, delivery and other aspects to meet the needs of users. Moreover, home appliances, automobiles, plastic products industry, the largest demand for molds. International market: In recent years, the labor costs of industrialized countries have increased, and they are moving towards developing countries, especially Southeast Asian countries. Its domestic production to high, fine mold-based, large amount of artificial labor input mold to rely on imports to solve. Therefore, the middle and low mold international market potential is very great. As long as the quality of domestic mold can be improved, delivery time to ensure that the prospects for mold exports is very optimistic. In addition, the international market for rack and mold standard parts of the demand is also great. At present, China has only a small amount of exports.

 Although China's total mold production has been ranked third in the world, the industry is no shortage of some of the overall level of relatively good business manufacturers, but the current domestic mold industry is characterized by uneven manufacturers of technological conditions, the gap is great. A considerable part of the private sector or self-employed, by the funds, venues, technology, information exchange and many other factors, some manufacturers rely on traditional equipment and handmade to complete, can only produce some middle and low mold, it is difficult to introduce advanced system Mold technology and advanced molding equipment. Which caused the middle and low mold market competition intensified. Some mold enterprises in order to Lanhuo, at each other to lower prices, and low prices will inevitably affect the quality of products, the result is the pit of the user, the wrong counterparts, but also harm themselves.

From the China mold industry market outlook analysis and investment development planning report to understand the future development of the mold industry is the focus of both to meet the needs of a large number of high-tech, especially the current domestic can not be self-sufficient, need to import a large number of mold and representative The development of the direction of large, sophisticated, complex, long life mold, and because of China's mold products in the international market occupies a greater price advantage, good export prospects of mold products will become the focus of development.