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Plasitc Injection Mould Development Trend
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

Plasitc Injection Mould development trend

In recent years, China's plastic mold manufacturing level has been greatly improved. Large-scale plastic mold has been able to produce a single set of weight to more than 50t injection mold, precision plastic mold has reached the accuracy of 2μm, high precision parts of the small modulus gear mold and to achieve high optical requirements of the lamp mold has also been able to produce , Multi-cavity plastic mold has been able to produce a mold 7800 cavity plastic mold, high-speed mold has been able to produce extrusion speed of 6m / min or more high-speed plastic profile extrusion die and the main profile of double-chamber co-extrusion, Soft and hard co-extruded, after co-extrusion, co-extrusion of raw materials and low foam, such as a variety of plastic mold extrusion.

In the production means, the mold enterprise equipment numerical control rate has been greatly improved, CAD / CAE / CAM technology application surface has been greatly expanded, high-speed processing and RP / RT and other advanced technology has been more and more mold standards The use of coverage and mold commercialization rate has a more substantial increase in the proportion of hot runner mold also greatly improved. In addition, the vigorous development of foreign-funded enterprises to further promote the level of plastic mold design and manufacturing enterprises to improve the level of management, and some enterprises have achieved information management and digital all without drawing manufacturing.

 After several years of development, plastic mold development, innovation and business management, etc. have shown some new trends:

(1) in the mold quality, delivery cycle, price, service four elements, more and more users will be the delivery cycle in the first place. Requiring mold companies to deliver as soon as possible, which has become a trend. Enterprises do everything possible to improve their ability to adapt to improve the technical level, improve the level of equipment, improve the management level and improve efficiency are shortening the mold production cycle is an effective means.

(2) to vigorously improve the development capacity, the development work as far as possible forward, until involved in the mold user's product development, even in the absence of a clear user object before the development, change passive. At present, the TV and monitor shell, air conditioner shell, motorcycle plastic parts, etc. have been used in this way, mobile phone and telephone mold development has also begun to try. This approach has broken the mold factory for a long time can only wait for the contract, in order to be based on user requirements for the passive design of the mold.

 (3) With the mold enterprise design and processing level, mold manufacturing is mainly from the past mainly rely on fitter skills to rely mainly on technology. This is not only the transformation of production means, but also the transformation of production methods and the rise of ideas. This trend makes the standardization of molds continue to improve, the mold is getting higher and higher, the production cycle is shorter and shorter, the proportion of fitter is getting lower and lower, and ultimately promote the overall level of mold industry continues to improve. China's mold industry now has more than 10 state-level high-tech enterprises, about 200 provincial and municipal high-tech enterprises. In line with this trend, the main backbone of the production mold from the technical talent gradually into a technical talent is an inevitable requirement. Of course, for a long period of time, skilled talent is still very important, because the mold is difficult to completely get rid of the skills to rely on.

    (4) mold enterprises and their mold production is the rapid development of information technology. In the information society, as a high level of modern mold enterprises, just the application of CAD / CAM is far from enough. At present, many enterprises have adopted CAE, CAT, PDM, CAPP, KBE, KBS, RE, CIMS, ERP and other technology and other advanced manufacturing technology and virtual network technology, these are information technology performance. To the direction of the development of information technology has become the industry consensus.

 (5) With the continuous progress of human society, mold is bound to a wider range and higher level of development. Now, to seize the opportunity to open up the market, continue to find new growth point of the mold business and can produce high-tech mold business is very prosperous, profit levels and staff income is very good. Therefore, the mold enterprises should grasp this trend, and continuously improve the overall quality and international competitiveness.

 (6) developed countries, the mold is accelerating to China, its performance as follows: First, relocation, the second is investment, the third is the procurement. China's mold enterprises should seize the opportunity to borrow and learn from foreign advanced technology to speed up their pace of development.