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Injection Moulding Mechanical Performance Above
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

Injection Moulding Mechanical performance above

Engineering plastics and ordinary plastic differences are still relatively large, especially in the performance of the above mechanical performance. At present, many engineering plastics have been successfully used in mechanical parts, and achieved good results. But the difficulty of engineering plastics injection molding processing is still relatively large, is the need to pay attention to the details of the production.

Engineering plastics injection molding Whether it is for injection molding molds or injection molding process, or injection engineers have a very harsh conditions, which are derived from the excellent mechanical properties of engineering plastics! For example: engineering plastics high temperature performance, since the engineering plastics injection molding Of the accessories can replace the metal parts, coupled with the often used in the surrounding environment is also more complex, so the engineering plastics must have the resistance to ultra-high temperature performance. Engineering plastics wear resistance also made a great request, machinery parts and parts are between each other, the operation of each other! This process can not avoid the friction before the parts, so the engineering plastic injection molding accessories must be resistant to Get high-intensity friction. These two is to determine whether the performance of engineering plastics is too important to meet the standard, of course, to determine the performance of engineering plastics is also good or bad there are other criteria, such as corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, etc.!

In short, the process of plastic injection molding process is still relatively complex, it is necessary to pay attention to the performance of engineering plastics such as: high temperature resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. also need to pay attention to external conditions, such as: injection Processing machinery performance, the performance of injection molds! Only these links to do in place, in order to avoid engineering plastics in the process of injection molding quality substandard products. Diverse styles of home appliances to become an indispensable material in the lives of consumers, television, refrigerators, air conditioners and other traditional home appliances have been in-depth into the people's lives. And to meet the pursuit of consumer quality of life, a variety of small appliances are also debut for the expansion of the scale of home appliances to add vitality. But now the furniture is inseparable from the plastic injection molding products.

The steady and steady growth of the domestic economy has led to a substantial increase in the per capita income of consumers, which has provided funds for consumers' purchasing and daily necessities. And home appliances to become important consumer goods, and now ordinary household appliances not only in the city can be seen in each family, in recent years, home appliances to the countryside activities policy, but also to promote the home appliances into the ordinary rural people's home, which makes Home appliance market scale to expand a lot, which also makes the growth of plastic products in recent years become an important driving force for the growth of plastic products. At present, a household appliances to use the top dozens of types of plastic parts, including injection molding super-common, such as: home appliances shell injection processing, home appliances switch panel injection molding, etc.! The annual consumption of these plastic parts is huge.

The future of consumer demand for home appliances will become more stringent, the corresponding home appliances plastic parts injection molding product quality must also follow the needs of consumers. Especially the superior performance of the plastic injection molding products, plastic products will certainly be used in more and more, which requires injection molding plants to grasp the preferences of consumers continue to enhance the level of technology to develop high-quality home appliances Plastic parts products!