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Injected Parts Widely Applicable
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Injected Parts Widely applicable

Silicone toys, toys, toys, toys, audio and video equipment, sporting goods, toys, toys, toys, toys, audio and video equipment, Fitness equipment, sanitary equipment and machinery manufacturing and other industries; in industrial production is very common, with good sealing effect and insulation, waterproof, shock, oil, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance (-50 ℃ to 230 ℃) , Chemical resistance and so on. Because the customer in order to reduce the viscosity of silica gel, in the production of complex mold silicone mold in the process, so that easy to operate silicone and silica gel in a large number of added silicone oil, it will make the silicone becomes very soft, Crack strength decreased, the tension of the phenomenon of deterioration, resulting in mold is not durable, short life, turn the number of times less phenomenon.

With the popularity of injection molding, the domestic demand for injection molding products market is also growing rapidly, not only a large number of domestic demand, foreign demand does not have the domestic demand for injection molding parts is low, China has become the world's injection molding industry Center and production center, hot in Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta region, probably more than half of the injection-related parts of the manufacturers gathered here, forming a large injection of plastic parts production and sales of foreign trade system. In terms of foreign trade, foreign countries mainly produce injection molding countries and regions attach great importance to the expansion of China's Pearl River Delta region, why are more emphasis on the Pearl River Delta injection molding industry? Of course, the Pearl River Delta to do injection has its unique competitive advantage.

First of all, in the Pearl River Delta region of the injection molding parts manufacturers have a certain core technology to guide the world, because the entire Pearl River Delta region has a relatively complete silicone rubber products system, while the core technology of soluble styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR) , Thermoplastic styrene butadiene rubber (SBS) and butadiene rubber (BR) These products are in the entire silicone products industry share is high, popular will be we have a good technology, good technology to make inexpensive products, which in the The Pearl River Delta region has formed a common phenomenon, then the people and foreigners why not buy good value for money products?

Second, for the injection of China has a great market demand, and the world's injection molding industry investment is also focused on China, the rise of China's economy so that many countries want to come to our country engaged in commercial economy, then the injection molding industry is bound to not Will be missed, while the entire Pearl River Delta region near the coast and many ports, location, convenient foreign customers directly to their own shipping areas, reducing transportation costs, but also facilitate the exchange of communication.