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Injected Parts At Present
Wishsino International Group Limited | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Injected Parts At present

At present, the injection molding technology has shown a clear trend of specialized division of labor to 0.5 ~ 0.8mm particle diameter based on the rapid development of silica gel in China to 1-15μm particle diameter-based silica gel in Europe and the United States and Japan to obtain Make progress. Basic silica gel and micro-silica gel in the form and performance differences, a diversified application of the development of direct power. Although China's enterprises to actively carry out technology research and development, but R & D investment are lower than 3% of sales, while the United States as the representative of the developed countries generally reach more than 5%, or even higher, if converted into absolute value, the gap is very obvious.

In addition to the traditional desiccant application of silica gel, in the petrochemical and other key areas also have a good performance, but also extended to a number of emerging areas, so the current basic silicon technology research and development is the focus of China's enterprises, technical level and foreign companies Than no favorably. In recent years, the amount of basic silica gel exports continued to increase, the purchase of China's basic silica gel, part of the direct application, part of the processing into powder silica gel.

Export growth to foreign companies to rely on China's basic silica gel increased,   US rubber and plastics to further improve the degree of professional division of labor.

Micro-silica gel by the resources, the environment and the impact of national policies, in recent years, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea enterprises to focus on the development of the basic silica gel from the micro-silica gel, one silicone powder consumption less, the impact on the environment is small; Third, advanced technology, easy to confidential, occupation of high-end, help to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises in these countries are technically at the world's leading level, professional advantage is very obvious. For the production of micro-silica gel, China's enterprises have made efforts, but regardless of capital investment or technical level and Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries have a greater gap.

Discussion on the use and maintenance of silicone mold

1. Liquid injection parts manufacturers, in the first and every use is completed, with hot water (diluted food detergent) or into the dishwasher cleaning, do not use the abrasive cleaning agent or foam cleaning. Make sure that the silicone cup is thoroughly dry before each use and before storage.

2. Roasted glass cup should be placed separately on the flat baking pan. Do not let the mold dry baked, such as a six-mode, you only filled with three models, the other three mold must be installed on the water. Otherwise the mold will be baked bad, the service life will be reduced. In order to achieve the best baking baking finished baking effect, in the baking before the first in the silica gel cup surface gently spray a small amount of anti-stick pan oil.

3. Silicone cups can be heat resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius) and can withstand instantaneous temperature changes, such as the cup from the refrigerator directly to the oven.

4. Liquid injection parts manufacturers explained that when the baking is completed, please remove the entire baking pan from the oven, and baked products placed in the cooling grid until completely cold to go.

5. Silicon cups can only be used for oven, oven and microwave oven can not be directly used in the gas or electricity, or directly above the heating plate or barbecue under the use.

6. Do not use the right knife or other sharp tools in the silicone cup, can not be heavy, pull, violent opposite.

7. Liquid injection parts manufacturers about the silicone mold (because of the electrostatic relationship), it is easy to absorb dust, when not in use, the best on the carton, placed in the shade.