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Founded in 2003, WISHSINO International Group, Ltd is a professional manufacturer in field of mould tooling,plastic injection moulding, CNC precisions parts and Die-Casting,integrated with quality system ISO9001:2008 certificate,80~90staffs, medium scaled,located in Dong Guan, Guang Dong Province, China, land area 5500m2,neigbouring Shenzhen/HK, very convenient with transportation from port Yantian, moulds and plastic parts are sold to USA, UK,Germany, Russia,Italy,Austria,Spain,Lithuania, Estonia,etc, which serve contribution in  Auto,Lighting, Lab, Medical,Plumbing, Kitchen, Construction, Toy,etc.

1.R&D Department, staffed with 5tooling designers, 5mechanical engineers,1 clerk of documentation center, software equipped with UG,Pro/E, AutoCAD,SolidWork,Mould Flow,tooling designers are in charge of mould flow analysis, study of tooling feasibility , mould design and follow-up of tooling implementation, mechanical team is responsible for OEM analysis, ODM concept design, prototype test, sample authentification,BOM compilation and release,ECN(Engineering Change Note) implemention, troubleshoot and debug complaints from in-house mass production and overseas aftersales market.

2.Tooling Department,armed with 14CNCs, 12EDMS, Wiring cutting,Drilling,lathes,Grinding etc, 30tooling workers strictly abide by tooling design to manufacture HASCO,DME,Metric moulds,cold/hotrunner, overmoulding, 60sets mould of monthly capacity, CAD/CAE/CAM system(UG/ProE/Mould Flow) are applied to satisfy customers' demand,and keep up-to-date strategy of technical software and equipment,our mould product includes electrical fan appliances and accessories,electronic, auto,home appliances,decoration tools, baby safety seats, lighting devices, massage kits,etc,high quality and customer-centric service are overhelmly targeted.

3.CNC machining metal parts,9CNC machines,20precision automatic lathes, we produce different kinds of precision parts, such as screw&nuts,standoffs(spacers),shafts, rivet, brass inserts, pins, connector pins, F connectors, RF connectors,brass fittings, fasters for communication and electronic products, aided with precision inspection equipment,2D measurement instrument,salt sprayer tester, as well as meters for concentricity,surface roughness and hardness.

3.Injection Department, 20injection machines, 80~450T in house,20injection machines ranging from 200T~1000T in partner's house, part weight ranges from 0.1g~5000g,2shifts of worktime per day, ABS/PC/Acetal/Acrylic/PP/PVC/PET/PEEK/GPS/Nylon/TPU,etc,with rich manufacturing experience of long-term cooperation relationship with local and foreigh companies,,an effective quality system and professional employees, we will try our most to provide high quality products and best service to satisfy customers's demand and expectation !

4.Die-casting, affiliation workshop, 2furnaces, 2die-casting machines, we mainly produce aluminium,zinc and brasss die-casting parts with supreme quality,service that we provide includes design, tooling fabrication, die-casting,secondary process,precision machining, different finish treatment,and sub assembling, products are widely applied in the fields such as wireless device, security system,auto and motor accessories, lamp fixtres, electrical&telecom appliances, house-wares,etc.

5.Assembling Department,has grown up with factory's growth, now in charge of polybag/carton packing, screw/insert welding, ultra-sound welding, clamshell/blister packing, sub-part assembling for auto unit, mouse feeder, hinge and fastener unit, baby toy, kitch device, plumbing appliances, electronic and electrical units,timely response, punctual shipment guarrantee.

5.Quality Assurance System ISO9001:2008:

Production procedure for each project are carefully planned, documented and monitored by applying various statistical process control techniques, we are also dedicated to a continuous quality improvement(CQI) process in all areas of our company from zero defects and 100%conformance training and education for our employees.

Our manufacturing service:

OEM/ODM project, design and development

Mould tooling

Plastic injection moulding

CNC precision Parts/Die-casting.